TaurosDAO Membership Cards (TAUROS) confer a number of benefits on members. Governance, staking, passive income, airdrops, and various allowlists are only a few of them. Depending on whether you are an investor, an artist, a collector, or all of the above, you may look forward to a number of privileges from TaurosDAO membership. For a detailed breakdown, see the table below and click on each of the three categories.

  • Governance
  • First and foremost, governance tokens grant holders the right to vote on important decisions and the direction the project may take in the future. In the case of TaurosDAO, TAUROS cards are also our governance tokens. It's simple: 1 TAUROS means 1 vote, regardless of card type.

  • Airdrops
  • A set amount of all future assets created by Labyrinthine Unreal and TaurosDAO are initially airdropped randomly to existing members according to the rate below:

    • OG CARDS: 50%
    • ARCHON CARDS: 25%

    All OG cards will receive an Estate airdrop. All cards receive all the other perks of membership, regardless of card type (such as, pass for all private or ticketed events and sales, governance, artist and collector benefits, etc.). A part of Merca City's game tokens will also be distributed to all TAUROS holders. The rest will be distributed to Estate owners based on tasks completed and/or time spent in the game. Those who own both a Card and an Estate will receive a weapon specific to their rank in Merca City. These are the only weapons of their kind and each has a special power appropriate to OGs, Archons, or Guardians.

  • Various Allowists, Rewards, and third party Airdrops
  • TaurosDAO Members need not apply for allowlists; if you hold a TAUROS token you are always automatically listed and can be among the first to mint. However, being part of a thriving community brings many other opportunities beyond the community itself. Other projects constantly seek collaboration and partnership with TaurosDAO. We expect airdrops from other projects to be common. The first of these is a free Domain name by Unstoppable Domains. Domains can be claimed on the Unstoppable Domains dashboard one week after the mint.