Welcome to Taurosdao

TaurosDAO is an exclusive community of artists and collectors founded in January 2022 by Labyrinthine Unreal. For purposes of governance and other membership privileges, members must hold at least one TAUROS Card. There are three types of Cards: OG, Archon, and Guardian. For an overview of their benefits and voting rights, check the members page.

Merca City is an open world Metaverse/RTS Game, where TaurosDAO members, artists, designers, developers, gamers, and collectors may come together to play, experiment, and collaborate. Estates are Merca City's genesis assets. The Estates NFT is dynamic, A.K.A. dNFT or smart NFT; its metadata and output animation changes based on live weather conditions pinpointing to a secret location. It reports temperature and visibility, and its animation depicts four weather conditions: sunny, overcast, rainy, and snowy.


Mint is not live
Initial price: 0.05 ETH
After 1000 mints: 0.08 ETH


Mint is not live

Labyrinthine Unreal

Labyrinthine Unreal is the undergound space of Merca City. Players may move between worlds through hidden portals that can be accessed from a personal tablet (each player is equipped with one at the beginning of the game). However, to activate the portals, players need one of the Labyrinthine Unreal Initiation Masks; for no mortal may enter the Labyrinth without one!

Characters undergo a transformation as they move between worlds; thus, the character one plays is not exactly the same in both worlds, although there are similarities that carry across, for example a character's gait and other recognizable traits. Their identity becomes hidden under a mask in the Labyrinth. This is the perfect environment to form teams and factions that span both worlds, as well as infiltrate and undermine enemy factions.

Initiation Masks are the genesis assets of Labyrinthine Unreal, and the players' ticket to the private alpha stage of the game. OGs have a 50% chance of receiving a free Initiation Mask for each token they own. Archons have a 25% and Guardians a 10% chance. All TAUROS holders are automatically whitelisted for the sale, and those who own both a Mask and an Estate may move freely between worlds. Initiates will also be the first to receive the game's native token as rewards for completing tasks and/or solving various puzzles. The Labyrinth's game token is different from that of Merca City.